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The Black Widow

The black widow has a very distinctive appearance. It is a shiny black with a red marking on the bottom of the abdomen, in the shape of an hourglass. It's venom is a neurotoxin and reactions vary from person to person. Children and the elderly tend to be most...

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Fleas and Tapeworms

I just got a new puppy and in the process learned a lot about fleas and tapeworms. I thought I would share the information here: My puppy seemed very sluggish the first day I had him. I was concerned so I got an appointment with a vet. After the exam, the vet told me...

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The Brown Recluse

Here is what to look for... Light brown body with darker brown marking in the center Legs are lighter and uniform in color Lots of fine short hairs on the body The body will be 1/2 inch or smaller Their webs are loose, sticky, light gray and have no pattern. They like...

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Have you noticed all the spiders?

There is a reason spiders are associated with Halloween that goes beyond being creepy-crawly. This time of year is when spiders become the most active and visible. They have been growing steadily since spring and have reached their full size. Many of the spiders you...

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Georgia Pest News Update:

There is a new species of ant that has made it's way to Georgia. The Tawny Crazy Ant is unique because of the massive size of it's colonies. They are very difficult to control and must be identified by a well educated technician because typical ant treatments will not...

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Best Bug ID Sites

http://bugguide.net/node/view/15740 is a great site. They even have a free service where you can post pictures of your mystery bug and they'll help you identify it. For a quick simple ID of common house pests you can use our site http://www.alt-pc.com/pest_id

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