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Monday, September 30 2013

Ragweed season is upon us, but outdoor pollen may not be the only contribution to allergy symptoms. As the temperature drops a whole host of pests migrate into our homes looking for warmth and shelter. By far one of the most hated of those pests is the cockroach. Everyone is grossed out by them and an estimated 26.1% of the US population is allergic to them. Cockroach allergy can cause all the same symptoms as pollen allergies but studies show they are particularly hard on children with asthma. 

Keeping the home clean and free of clutter can help avoid an infestation. Many sites recommend taking steps like cleaning the kitchen floors after every meal (for busy families this may not always be realistic). The best safeguard against cockroach infestations is regular pest control. At Alternative Pest Control we have nearly 30 years of experience preventing and treating roach problems in homes and businesses.

Protect your home from cockroaches and the indoor allergens they produce with regular and affordable services from Alternative Pest Control (770) 995-5053.

God Bless!
APC Staff

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Friday, September 20 2013

RBI stands for rigid board insulation. RBI is used in home construction because it improves energy efficiency. It's use has surged in the last decade with an equivalent increase in termite infestations. According to Clemson University researchers, RBI is "a superhighway for termites". It gives them easy access to the studs that support your home. The problem is made worse by brick, stucco and siding that hides RBI from view. 

This lead to the National Pest Control Association issuing a recommendation to Pest Control Companies not to accept jobs in which Termite conducive RBI problems couldn't be corrected.

Most companies reacted, not by trying to remove RBI problems, but by simply adding a clause to their warranties that relieves them of responsibility when infestations were caused by RBI or any other structural conditions which are conducive to termite infestations. This is just a loop-hole to not cover the most common cause of termite damage. It may sound like it makes sense to the consumer, but is actually no excuse for a failed treatment.

A few companies attempt to remove RBI. While this is a more honest approach than the former, it is expensive and you loose the energy efficiency, the very reason it was put there to begin with.

At Alternative Pest Control, we like to live up to our name and offer an ALTERNATIVE. We say you can keep your RBI and the energy efficiency that it gives you, with out loosing any peace of mind. Our warrantee covers RBI, no exceptions. Our unique approach to termite treatments is to eliminate ALL termites in the ground. It doesn't matter how much RBI is exposed when there aren't any termites in the first place. Every home, whether it has RBI or not, is venerable to termites. If termites colonize under your home they WILL find a way in. That’s why we believe the only responsible thing to do is to create a chemical barrier to prevent colonization. We believe so strongly in our approach, that if our treatment fails we not only cover the cost of ALL repairs but we give you back twice the cost of the treatment.

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